We would like to hear your feedback.

Our mission is to make the ontology more precise and comprehensive. This cannot be done without the support of contributors, or subject specialists, who overlook every changes. With this portal, we enable our users to seamlessly browse our ontology and, if necessary, provide feedback.
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The current version of this portal enables you to provide feedbacks on the following:

To efficiently process your feedback and requests, we ask that you take the time to familiarise with the contents of this page which will give you an insight into the types of feedback that we are after.

Ontology-level feedback

This is the kind of feedback that would be very generic and therefore, in theory, could apply to a set of topic and/or relationships.

Please bear in mind the following:

Topic-level feedback

This strictly applies to a given topic (e.g. Computer Science, Semantic Web or World Wide Web).

For each topic we ask:

Relationship-level feedback

This strictly applies to a select pair of topics. For example, Computer Science is the parent of Artificial Intelligence.

For each relationship we ask:

Suggest new relationship

If you feel that our ontology does not accurately capture a relationship, please do flag this up by either of the following:

for the topic that you are currently browsing.